Three Big Mistakes Women Make That Make Him Run For The Exit

Let’s face it. Dating can be very confusing. One moment things seem to be going great the next your texts go unanswered and that great guy seems to have disappeared.

While there are many different reasons for a man to pull away, here are 3 very specific mistakes women make that cause this to happen.

In the following video, dating Guru Michael Fiore discusses these three big mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Watch the video now and pay close attention at 0:55 in the video, where Michael reveals what may be the #1 biggest mistake women make.


While I agree with most of what Michael and Nora say about those three big mistakes, I do believe the part about women coming on too strong can be a little misleading. I have never met a man (including myself) who doesn’t love a woman who is sexually aggressive.

As long as a woman allows a man to be the sexual aggressor from time to time also, then being sexually aggressive as a woman is a plus…NOT a minus!

Let me know your thoughts.