Hi, My name is Marc Savage and I personally want to welcome you to my site.

Inside you will discover an understanding of men and relationships you may have never thought possible.

Why should you listen to me?

I’m presently in a relationship with a spectacular woman. A woman who I’m in love with and devoted to. She is my love goddess and I worship her, but…

…it wasn’t always this way. In fact…

…I used to be what most women call a “player”, let me explain…

Back in my single days, I would meet a woman and feel a strong physical attraction for her. Being a fairly typical man, I thought this physical attraction was an emotional connection with her, it was NOT.

I would rush to sleep with these women, because again, I felt a strong PHYSICAL attraction to them. It never even dawned on me to get to know them first.

It was only after sleeping with them, that I realized they weren’t right for me. I was confusing physical attraction (lust) for emotional attraction (connection).

As crazy as this may sound, like most men, I WAS looking for love, I was just looking in all the wrong places (primarily my pants).

At that time, I had no idea how to have an intimate, romantic and passionate relationship with a woman.

I was, at best, emotionally immature, which lead me to make many bad decisions, hurting many people including, my ex-wife.

My male role model was my father, who, until he was about 32, ran around sleeping with as many different women as he could. His favorite line was “don’t get married because your friends do, find another crowd.”

Any time I had a girlfriend (and I made some very bad choices in that department, let me tell you), my dad would give me a hard time.

He’d say things like “When I was your age, I used to have a different woman every night”.

He loved to tell the story of how, when he was single, he would go up to a resort in the Catskill Mountains in New York.

He’d drive up in his Cadillac, wave to the guy at the gate (he didn’t have a room, but since he drove a Cadillac the guy at the gate figured he was a guest), park his car and head on over to the bar.

He’d find a woman that was staying at the resort, and take her back to HER room for some “fun” (plus it gave him a place to sleep for the night).

He did this for years until he met his match in my mother.

My mom, unfortunately, wasn’t a better role model in the relationship and love area. Her father, left her and my grandmother, when my mom was a little girl.

She had many unresolved abandonment issues and not surprisingly, used love as leverage with my father, my sister and myself.

She was also very private and shared very little of her past with me or my sister. In fact, it was only after her death that I found out my grandmother, her mother, had remarried after her husband abandoned them.

My sister had found out years before and when she asked my mother about it, she was told “we don’t discuss those things”.

Like most parents, my folks did the best they could. Unlike today, personal development books and programs were not as widely available.

I’ve spent years doing personal development and self-exploration work to heal myself and my emotional wounds.

It was only through the work I did, that I was finally able to open my heart and allow someone like Bela into my life. But not before…

…a failed marriage that ended after 16 years. Let me tell you how that happened…

After sleeping around with many different women, like my dad, at the age of 32, I grew tired of the dating game and decided it was time to settle down.

The problem for me (and unfortunately for my ex-wife) was, I was in no way emotionally ready for a committed relationship (unless it was being committed to a mental hospital).

But that didn’t stop me from marrying the first woman I met, who was as emotionally unavailable as I was.

We were engaged within 6 months and married in a year. Things went downhill fast.

Over time, as my marriage got worse, I began doing some personal development work. Through this work and over a 10 year period, I was able to finally ask for a divorce.

I felt as though a weight was lifted and I began doing spiritual work. After taking some Theta Healing workshops, I manifested my soul mate, who I am living with today.

When I first met Bela, I realized I knew nothing about having a healthy relationship. So, I began to read every relationship book I could get my hands on (Bela was a wealth of information for the right kinds of books).

Through my reading, talking with Bela (who is also a life coach) and observation of both successful and unsuccessful couples, I began to understand the biggest challenge facing men and women today…

…men and women have begun to see each other as enemies, competitors and rivals. Men don’t understand women and women don’t understand men. And the worst part is…

…it seems like, women go to women for advice about men and men go to men for advice about women. No wonder there’s such a disconnect between us.

I would think, if you want to understand the opposite sex, talk to the opposite sex.

And that is the purpose of this site. To help women understand men better. To pull back the curtain, so to speak, and reveal how men think and why we do the crazy shit we do.

It is my mission to help heal the rift between men and women, so we can bring more love and light into the world.

Let’s work together to make it a reality for you.