5 Simple Tricks To Keep A Man Interested In You

How to keep him interested

Unlike women, men do not automatically get their need met for meaning and fulfillment just by being in a relationship. Men want adventure, freedom, to be seen as a success, a provider, a hero.

If you really want to keep your man interested you need to channel those desires towards you and your relationship.

How do you keep a man interested, help him to really appreciate you, and take that step to commit?

Here are 5 ways to keep your man drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

1. Ask For Help: If I could only offer you one trick to keep him interested, this would be it. A man’s sense of self is defined through his ability to achieve results. Men have three basic drives, asking for help, in the right way, can trigger all three drives at once.

When you can trigger all three drives at once, your man will feel a burning desire for you that’s so powerful, you’ll literally become the most important person in his life.

Unlike women, men don’t like to talk about their problems. If a man is talking to you about a problem, he is literally looking to you for guidance on how to solve it. He’s not simply looking for you to lend an ear and listen compassionately.

Which is why, when you ask your man for help, he immediately assumes the role of “Mr. Fix It” and will charge to your aide.

Nothing feels better to a man than to rescue his “damsel in distress”.

2. Show Appreciation

A man wants to be respected for his thoughts and actions, and the way you communicate this to him is by showing appreciation.

Start noticing the different ways he makes you happy, and thank him for it – often.  Acknowledge even the smallest things he does that you like.

Show him how he adds to your life, rather than focusing on the things that bother you.  If you show him you are genuinely grateful for the good things he does, he will be more inclined to keep doing them.

When a man does not feel he is contributing positively to your life, his attraction for you wanes; and it will be much more difficult for him to stay engaged in the relationship.

Appreciation is the fuel that feeds a man’s passion for you and makes him want to stay by your side.  When you start showing him the appreciation he needs, you’ will find yourself with a man who starts showing up in your relationship… wholeheartedly.

When you genuinely listen to a man, avoid making him feel wrong, and make a point of letting him know when he does things right, you will make him feel understood, respected, and appreciated.

He’ll feel that he is making a positive difference if your life, and this will give him a sense of purpose that will encourage him to give even more of himself to the relationship and, in turn, to you.

3. Look Good For Him

The initial stages of attraction are significantly influenced by visual appeal. However, looking good doesn’t stop there. It is extremely important that your man believes you put effort into looking good for him in particular.

If he gets the impression that you are exercising and taking good care of your body, and taking care to look great when you see him, he will believe you desire him and this will cause he to feel respected and therefore, loved.

You don’t have to be more beautiful than other women. You don’t have to be a size 2 or some sort of flawless model. The key is that he perceives you’re going out of your way to impress him.

Listen, I’m not telling you to go to his home to watch the game in high heels and an evening dress. But, put on some makeup and dress to impress. This communicates a form of respect that will cause him to feel attracted to you.

4. Enjoy Life And Have A Good Time

Aside from helping you keep your man interested, this is just good advice. No one likes to be around a sad sack, someone who is unhappy and complaining all the time.

Research shows that and upbeat, optimistic and positive attitude along with an energetic enjoyment of life is a very attractive and desirable trait. It’s also the number one reason cited by men to pursue a serious romantic relationship with a woman.

Men will often run when women engage in a tearful explanation of how his actions have left her feeling emotionally hurt in some way. Men feel overwhelmed by negative emotions.

For men, a relationship is a moment by moment experience. Even mild negative emotions can cause him to stop pursuing you.

Remember, a man’s sense of self is defined through his ability to achieve results. If the results he’s achieving are making you unhappy, he will not feel fulfilled. In fact, he will most likely feel like a failure, and look for someone else who makes him feel more like a success.

5. Be Confident

True confidence means you like who you are, regardless of whether others are impressed with who you’ve chosen to be.

If you don’t love yourself, no one else can either. You have power and influence over yourself.

If you’re like many other women, your internal critic most likely dominates many of the thoughts you hold about yourself.

You are your own best friend, or at least you ought to be. Although you have the potential to be your own worst enemy, you must learn to choose not to be.

To be successful in building your confidence, you must embrace the idea that it is okay to love yourself!

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Loving yourself doesn’t mean you quit work and spend the day eating bon bons. True love embraces the whole person, both in their present form, and their future self.

Really loving yourself could mean taking a break, or it could mean taking a vacation. It could also mean making yourself go to the gym to work out even if you don’t feel like it. It’s about doing what will ultimately build your quality of life.

My experience has been that people who love themselves feel more confident.

When you love yourself, you can see yourself as a whole person, flaws and all, and still fully accept yourself without any need to wear blinders. People who love themselves are generally better at loving others, which in turn brings them more love.

When you implement all 5 tricks listed here. Your man will feel like the luckiest guy in the room. In fact, I’m confident he’ll find you irresistible!